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1st grow ever | Outdoor / Indoor

1 year ago
Room Type
Grow medium
FastBuds - Blackberry Auto
Blackberry Auto

Growing it




Verry easy plant. Strong resistance against bugs in the outdoor. I had lot of differents insects, but it always got very limited and kept under control.
The plant amost had no feeding, except on the last weeks of flowering. I just had a little Cal/mag deficiency during veg. But went well.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
10% Sativa
90% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

I grown 2 plants at the same time. This one (Blackberry Diary) and also a Gelato from Fastbuds.
The Gelato had Biobizz during all the growing... And the result is wayyyyy better : Bigger and verry denses flowers.
Not the same strains, but That's still a good sign.

Commented by PurpleWorship PurpleWorship

On the end, I believe it's a verry nice strain for a begginer. Even with no feeding, and just regular gardening soil, I had amazing results.
The plant was outdoor in the day, indoor during the night, so facing all the agression from the outside.... GG Blackberry ^^

The flowers are verry light, and that's because of the absence of feeding. They are very fluffy and not dense.
But they are fully covered of trichomes, and have a pleasant smell and taste. Smooth smoke.

So amazing result for my experience, and for the setup :)

I'm disapointed about the taste for now. Maybe curing will change the taste, but for me it's mainly "Diesel" and that's definitly not what I was looking for.

Well, i just realize the taste changed, and with a good flower (not too much leaves) i actually felt the taste of... Blackberries. IT's actually amazing :D Not berries, but really blackberries !!
I will grow this strain again, but with feeding during veg and flowering, to get bigger and more dense buds. This one was too much leafy, and this is not the best for the taste.

My "quest" for the "purple" taste I'm looking for continue.
Next batch : I will try Purple Kush (auto) from Buddha Seeds, and Queen Sherbet from Royal Queen Seeds !

Smoke review

Grow Questions
PurpleWorship week 8 started grow question 2 years ago
Bottom fan leaves turning Yellow on week 8... Emergency, or all good ?
I know It's a Nitrogen deficiency. No nuts during veg (and fine!), and she's having flowering nuts since 2 days.
I know it's normal at the end of the flowering, but i'm wondering if that's too soon !?
Not sure how many time left before harvest!? Big problem or not?
Leaves. Color - Yellow
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Nor_Cal_Kannabliss answered grow question 2 years ago
It's nothing to worry about.. Gonna be a nice harvest!
PurpleWorship week 9 started grow question 1 year ago
No microscope => Need your expert eyes :D
I'll have a microscope next week.
But since i got a "not too bad" macro photo with my phone, could you share your opinion with me?
I believe Trichomes are at the "cloudy" stage, am i right ? At what stage should I stop feeding? (the flush)
(First grow ever)

Thanks !! :heart_eyes:
Buds. Other
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Nor_Cal_Kannabliss answered grow question 1 year ago
From what I can see my friend Your close to a 55-45 Milky to Clear. Give her another week I think before starting your flush maybe a bit longer.. You will be able to tell for sure when your Microscope comes.. Stop feeding and do your flush usually around the 70-30% Milky Clear and look for 20-30% amber on your buds for your harvest indicator! Hope this helps! Happy growing!
PurpleWorship week 11 started grow question 1 year ago
I wonder if i should harvest now ?
Could you have a look to my photos and give me your advice ?
I'm looking for good taste, with recreational effect, but balanced with a bit of relaxing effect...
Well, a nice balanced indica effect. Should i wait for more "amber" ?
Thanks ! <3
Other. General questions
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Fruitgrower answered grow question 1 year ago
You'll wavy to wait a couple of weeks for the effect you're after, they're still building bugs and pushing white hairs, wait for that to slow down, the smell should get stronger and the buds will gain a bit more weight. Harvesting early is way worse than harvesting later. :seedling::+1:
smoker420 week 13

looks great pal i did one a few months ago nice smoke but if your looking for a auto purple with dank berries flavours try royal qween purple qween auto


@smoker420, Well... Thanks for this taste review... This is changing my opinion about this strain ^^
Well... I hope this quest for "The" Purple will no last for years :D

Thanks !


@PurpleWorship,btoh times ive had the auto version outdoor which was realy sweet and more dark berry terps to it. i did not get lemon taste pheno either it turns purple pink and the fem version i did indoors has the same terps but did not turn purple and u tryed pink kish my friemd grew that it is similar to purple qween and yields are insane each side branch createa massive tower buds haha


@smoker420,Hey dude :)
I looked to that strain some weeks ago. Was sounding promising. But i read some tastes reviews, talking about lemon/citric taste. That's absolutely not I'm looking for.
But describing the taste i'm searching is verry hard :S How do it taste for you ?

Removed week 13

Good job Purps, you are truly loyal and I regret not returning the “like” favour sooner. The first thing that jumped out to me was the week to week picture quality. Very normal, functional photos, but just quality. Nice work!


@BeanswithPork, Thanks for your kind comment :) I think you are totally on point.
I'm using my cheap $100 phone to take those photos. But for 10 pictures uploaded, I take arround 100 photos. (I did the maths earlier today ^^).
I'm using photoshop to make sure the color perfectly match reality (I'm taking pictures near my LED lights, so colors are often too much saturated, leaves looking yellow instead of green), and to fix the "blur" effect from my cheap phone. But that's all, I'm not cheating :)
So I can't make awesome pictures, but I still can show the best part of the plants. I love catching the details that are meaningfull in a diary : the little things that tell you that the plant is reaching another step. I'm not trying to make beautiful photos, I'm trying to document the life of a living form. Nature and life is pretty by design to me :)

MrJones week 13

Awesome Diary and harvest Report!


@MrJones, Thanks :)
Unfortunately, it's just a souvenir now :D
But Purple Kush is on the way ^^

Lucidite week 13

I’ve had trouble growing this one. The main stem of both attempts was tall but I get almost no secondary stem growth. Yours looks similar but better. Damn the smoke was good though. My first couch lock strain. Great medicine.

purplegrass week 13

Amazing results for 1st grow!

Ts1Ko week 13

Looking good for beginner :v: Keep up the good work :muscle: And happy smokes :green_heart:

Ksouth1 week 13

Nice grow! Keep growing and learning. Happy growing!

Epokwan week 13

Awesome grow, well done!

MG2009 week 13

Just read your diary great looking plant hope she tastes the way you like, :pray:

MarijuanaFarmer week 13

Looks like you had a great grow! Congrats Purple

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