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Indoor landrace sativa

3 months ago
FL / 96W
LED / 480W
HID / 600W
LED / 480W
HID / 600W
Gaia Green
Room Type
Grow medium
week 10
week 5
week 11
ACE Seeds - Malawi
ACE Seeds

Growing it





ACE Seeds
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-this is a 10 stars strain, first rating cannot be changed.

Phenotype 1: This one was very Sativa while growing. Very narrow finger leaves with long internodes. At harvest time, the smell was sweet, lemony, with a hint of oil. Once dried, it reminds me old school C99 and Jack H. Very nice smell. As it is curing, tne nutty taste takes over (hazelnut, roasred peanut). Buds are covered in small trichomes, airy, light green with deep orange pistils. Plant was not grown in optimal conditions as it was so small.

Smoke test was perform in morning with about 0,75g. of buds rolled in joint.

At the very first hit I felt deep intense effect. Warm in the eyes, the front of the head. After the 3rd hit and so, feelings were already intense like I usually get from a joint of top shelf dispensaries. It has very fast onset. Smoking the rest of the joint was hard. But I did what I had to do!
Taste is tropical fruits and nuts (hazelnut). Smoke is deep, rich and creamy, leaving a coaty feeling around your lips.

Effects are not on the 'Energetic-creative' spectrum. Effects are warm with a mix of deep head and body. At first you feel the psychedelic effects: your brain is slower than eyes, feeling a bit disoriented, eyes get to focus on things while the rest feel distorted. I over did it and should have ate before, feeling a bit of nausea. Effects are powerful and a bit sedative, feeling focused and lost. Very trippy like if you over do-it on edibles. When ACE says don't drive under this they are right on and spot on. I am gonna have to try with a redbull (or coffee for those who likes it...) to get more intense effects and get moving.
So not a day smoke. Feelings are intense but very enjoyable. Not for beginners.

Phenotype 2: Sample test was done in same conditions as the other one. Effects happened to be very similar but a little less physical-narcotic. Taste and appearance are hard to describe and enjoy as it was a 2 gram harvest and half of it is stem and branches.

I really recommend this strain. Don't be intimidated to grow a sativa landrace indoor in tent. Do not follow the breeder's advice to flower plant from seeds or as soon as clone as rooted. Also this strain does not require extra lightening standard 35-50 watts of HID or high end LED per sq. foot is perfect. Just like with other strains more watts will require CO2 supplement for the plant to use it. I tried it. Too much light (75+ w. per sq ft) is lowering growth rate.
Strain is resilient to heat and dry air.

I am trying to choose from the emoticon bellow to describe the high but non of them really apply.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
2 plants
Number of plants harvested
1080 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica

Positive effects


good and sturdy

Commented by sativaman sativaman

Both plants had problems in vedge and stayed pretty small. (Not what I planned at all!!) It is hard for me to judge the strain because some mistakes I've made were my fault while some others were instruction told by the breeder. I will make a more accurate report after my next run currently in middle of flowering. But so far overall, the breeder is over rating is own strain as far of stretching and light needs.

Good news is the quality is there and the buds from the phenotype 2 are some of the frostiest I have grown, not what I expected from a landrace. The resin production was good on both pheno as well. They both were very sativa with very narrow leaflets. The smell of first plant is very close from a classic Cinderella 99, lemony, sweet but narcotic. Pheno 2 stayed very columnar and have a rotten smell. Both phenotypes shows great potential and I will attempt a revedge for first one.

Grow Questions
sativaman week 3 started grow question 6 months ago
fire harard
What is your security/safety backup for fire hazard in case of exhaust system failure. (those Chinese fans you know they will break it is only a matter of time right?)
Setup. Ventilation
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GYOweed answered grow question 5 months ago
Wifi alarm sensor.
If u have no internets old cell phone cheap plan?
Astral answered grow question 6 months ago
it doesn't hurt to give appliances 20-30min to cool down, every 24hrs if i remember i try to give everything a chance to cool down, this should help the longevity, and also mitigate a overheat/fire issue, like @Hudson2384 said, if you're worried just buy another fan, worth it just for the piece of mind, and you'll have this for a spare if the other one dies, but as long as you have a name brand or something you trust, if it breaks, it assume there is fail safes on most UL, ETL rated stuff. I feel you though, I'm pretty iffy about by appliances from the internet.

But most of my fans, are bought online. I mean if you really wanted to you could mount it in a "homemade" oven, toss it in a bbq or something, and have the ducting in one side, and out the other, with the fan itself contained in a fireproof container lol probably should stop smoking.
Astral answered grow question 6 months ago
Personally I'm a first timer using a 600w MH, and gonna be using 1000w, 600w, I've bought a big fire extinguisher for outside and a small one for inside the room, outside the tent and i put a fire alarm near the exhaust exit outside, had a few false alarms and not sure if the speed of the fan would push the smoke to quick, which makes me think i should test that, but i plan to also add fire alarm inside and outside the tent i guess. Better safe then sorry, but i was thinking fires would be if a bulb breaks the 1000w is magnetic I've also bought surge/GFI Power bars, that might help, Is your fan ETL or UL marked? if so check against their listings see if its real, if it is, you're probably good.

Wanted to mention since its there, you have a lot of slack in your hose, maybe you cant mount the fan?and go straight across it seems like you could in the picture and saves so much floor space u got pretty high ceilings I have been using eye bolts, into the roof, minimal damage, easy to putty later and was using para cord, now i got carabiner lol and Vivosun rope pulleys can go climbing lol but every 30Degree bend you lose 20% efficiency and the extra distance is costing you efficiency as well "The sharper the bend, the harsher the efficiency reduction; a 30° bend cuts the amount of airflow by 20% while a 90° bend diminishes airflow by 60%! Smoothing out any wrinkles can also improve fan performance and airflow."

gl Stay safe
sativaman week 7 started grow question 5 months ago
plants are too small
5 days after flip I am realising my plants are too short. What is going to happen if I switch back to 24-0? Are they gonna be stunted for long?
Plant. Too short
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Med_in_Tropic answered grow question 2 months ago
You can re-veg her. Takes her long to flower. Revenging is no issue.

Pre-flowered buds will turn to leave and later small useless branches. These will need to be trim off.

Good luck
Mr_Weeds_Autos answered grow question 5 months ago
honestly, I wouldn't advise it most plants seem to hermie when the light schedule is switched after being flipped into flower, this will cause stress.
CheckThoseTrichs answered grow question 5 months ago

If you have strong genetics it shouldn't hermie and should go back to the veg state. Last time I re-vegged a plant that was already showing pistils it took about 2-3 weeks to start showing solid growth again. I don't think this will be the case with yours as you're only a week in.

Cheers and good luck!
HighRoller909 week 17

I'm very happy to see a well detailed and so spot on review about it.So spot on mate! What you describe there is what ACE also says.I haven't tried Malawi before but I think I get that feeling. That narco buzz! As for effect smileys,I told GD about this many times before both in private message way and in public discussions,they said it was a great idea but they still did nothing.I care about it because I want to express exactly the feelings I get from my weeds but them icons are very basic and don't even match the high I get from ACE strains.I understand what you mean there.If my Panama was grown under cooler conditions,I'm sure it would have felt like that.I know because what is left off it is the biggest rocket bud which was the closest to the light and it gives more potent high than the rest of the plant.Great to see another fantastic strain review,enjoy your weed.Quality over quantity.I believe the other grow is going to finish bringing much more yield.

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@sativaman, they tend to herm due to landrace origins.I've had them with ACE strains.I don't think 25mins power outage would make them herm.My grow room is around 15C at night time for plants.What I can say is ACE's strains are hardier than any hybrids out there,in my humble experience.


@HighRoller909, Just went to get some CalMag. What a catastrophe scenario to come back with a power outage in middle of day time cycle! My guess is it lasted between 15-25 mins as some grow light in my house were still hot but flower tent had reached night temp. A good test for ACE genetic let's see if they hermie out!


@sativaman, I never went pure organic but I'm hoping to do so in future.I'm currently aiming for yield,that's why sticking with Plagron.Awesome nutrients.But yeah I use GHE's Calcium Magnesium supplement.It works.Right now I see very little rusty spots on some of the fan leaves but very few.Increased the dosage to 1.5ml , I'm giving them tap water. It works in coco,should work in hydro as well.

Buddha2 week 17


heizen week 17

Nice grow mate, plants are looking good, keep it up, imma follow this one upclose.