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Grow #2 Ethos: Planet of the Grapes

3 months ago
LED / 200W SF-2000
LED / 200W SF-2000
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Grow medium
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Commented by Sonic1 Sonic1
7 months ago

I decided to switch it up from the autoflower and try a photo period plant. I wanted something with heavy grape smell and hopefully i hit the mark.

I will be growing in Roots organic 707 soil. I will be using the roots organic dry fertilizer trio (Uprising grow, foundation, and bloom).

I will be topping these girls and sticking to a consistent feeding schedule until the last 4 weeks of flower. I am hoping to get a heavy yield off these plants. I am thinking i will shoot for 3 nice big plants. I will be growing with the spider farmer sf2000 in a closet.

My first grow is still holding up my closet so i apologize for doing this prematurely but idk if you can tell... IM FRIGGEN EXCITED!

Grow Questions
Sonic1 week 4 started grow question 6 months ago
I want to top my plants but am new to training. How does it work? Will my plants stop getting taller if I top? When should I top? If I did top now how many top sites would I have? The photo for this question is today (day 18) Thanks in advance.
Techniques. Topping
Justa_Retard answered grow question 6 months ago

This should give you some answers.

Personally, I top depending on a mix of node number and height, usually around node 5.
- Since it's your fiirst time, you should expect it to stop growing for a week or so.. It might be faster if you get lucky and do a good job at it, but statistically you won't so don't worry too much if it halts growth for a while.. It'll start growing again once it's healed up.

Good luck with your first topping. ^_^
Sonic1 week 5 started grow question 5 months ago
PH distilled water?
How do I PH distilled water? Im using organic soil and top dressings. The ph in my soil right now is 7.3. Im using pure distilled water and cannot figure out how to adjust the PH of it. I want to lower the PH in my medium.
Feeding. Other
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Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 5 months ago
Hi, Growing in soil, ahs the big advantage, that the soil buffers the PH.
If you use ready mixed soil or amended peatmoss tehre is always a buffer ( magnesiumcarbonate MgCO3 CaO).... this brings always the right Ph back to you---- Its called " dolomitelome" too
so dont worry , while growing in soil for the right PH

I mix my soils by myself and using magnesiumcarbonate as addition
Sonic1 week 6 started grow question 5 months ago
Can you guys look over my diary and tell me when you would transplant? Im in 2 gallons now and i want to transplant and finish in 5 gallons. Would i be okay to do that in the next few days?
Techniques. Other
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Bulbi answered grow question 5 months ago
Hiya there Nick, looks like a perfect veg so far, congrats on that ! you're ready to transplant now, but you can get away with keeping them in smaller pots as long as you add a chelation agent that breaks down the roots a bit. Transplant now and it's a non issue though, go direct in the final pot or take intermediate steps based on your planning and that's it really. Hope this helps! :rocket:
Sonic1 week 8 started grow question 5 months ago
Can anyone give some tips on defoliation? Is it bad to do it now that I've just started flower? Was thinking of just hitting the lower area of the canopy and leaves covering bud sites?
Techniques. Defoliation
blendmedmedman answered grow question 5 months ago
yes take a little off here and there, and take a bit more off the next week or two, you got the right idea to get light to those flower sites,
the reason i suggest breaking it up is you dont want to stress your plants out, they are doing good and it is a way to send smaller shocks to the plant. some people do it all at once some times with results of a droopy looking plant. then take it as a deficiency , it is just like feeding nutrients a little goes a long way. hope this helps.
Sonic1 week 8 started grow question 5 months ago
What should i do to get Relative Humidity down? My RH is about 80% when the closet doors are closed and the lights are off. I have a fan blowing inside the closet 24/7. I also have a small dehumidifier inside of there. I cant manage to get RH down unless i open the doors.
Other. Other
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nahnotreally answered grow question 5 months ago
Exactly what you said... you can't get the humidity down unless you open the doors... or get some sort of dehumidifier... or set-up an exhaust fan to bring humid air out and dry air in... they have fans that have humidistats and thermostats to turn the fan on and off when it's needed. Proper humidity is very important for a number of factors.

Too much humidity and you will possibly over feed your plants. Too little humidity and they can starve. The temperature is so important, too. Keep it dialed in to prevent mold and mildew.

The plants are sitting in a pot of regularly damp soil = humidity source + the plants suck water up through the roots and stems and release about 90% of it into the air = so much humidity you need to get rid of it on a constant basis... especially in flowering stages.

Good luck!:grinning:
Sonic1 week 11 started grow question 4 months ago
Flushing 4 weeks out?
Do i start flushing at the start of the 5th week of flower? Im using slow release dry amendments (top dressings). I heard that you have to start flushing these types of nutrients out a bit earlier than you would with salt based nutrients. Is this true?
Other. General questions
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Trueorganics84 answered grow question 4 months ago
If your all organic you dont have to flush
Sonic1 week 13 started grow question 4 months ago
If I wanted to Rosin press my cannabis when its dry would I get more yield off a plant that has more trichomes? Does more trichomes visible by the eye also mean a higher % of thc?
Other. General questions
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NobodysBuds answered grow question 4 months ago
it is strongly correlated but not 1:1.

All thc isn't in the triches, but lots of it is. If that makes sense.... and that proportion can be impacted by genetics.

your %-yield will likely correlate more strongly with actual THC%. But, still not 1:1.

more potent plant, typically a bigger yield... rosin isn't 100% thc, so other oils in the plant may not have same exact mechanics, so there will still be some volatility between yield and actual %thc.
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good luck! i am about to start one of these soon. and i am the same moving from auto's to photo's . hope your grow goes well!