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Amnesia Auto & OG Kush in 2x2x4 Tent

10 months ago
DNA Genetics - OG Kush #18 Custom Breeder & Strain
LED / 100W SF-1000
LED / 100W SF-1000
Room Type
Coco Coir
Grow medium
Grow medium
weeks 10,11,...
weeks 3,4,...
Seedsman - Auto Amnesia
Auto Amnesia

Growing it




The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
100 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
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80% Sativa
20% Indica

Positive effects


First grow so no frame of reference but they seemed to do the job!

First grow so no frame of reference but it seemed to do the job!


First grow so no frame of reference but it seemed to do a good job!

Commented by rockbo47 rockbo47

Really disappointed with this harvest in every way sadly. The dry weight was less than expected, not by too much, but I thought I might get close to 2 oz when I was looking at the buds on the plant.

The quality of the buds is very poor, even the largest cola is very airy/larfy and it has dried poorly though I think what has happened is that my dehumidifier was blowing air directly onto the buds or as good as which has speed dried the buds. I say this because the OG Kush is completely different in quality and this was no where near the dehumidifier. I think that the air flow from the dehumidifier was reflecting off the tent wall (I had the dehumidifier facing the tent wall) and speed drying the Amnesia buds as the buds are brittle, almost flaky, and they have almost no smell. Interestingly though, the smell from the OG is what I could smell in the tent throughout the flowering stage of growth and so I don't think I've ever actually smelt the Amnesia meaning it could just be that this strain is poor genetically (I received x3 Amnesia freebies from Seedsman). When I first jarred the buds the RH stabilized around 53% which further indicates that they have been speed dried. The RH did not increase after 24-30 hours in the jars and so I placed the buds in a ziplock bag with a moist paper towel for 120mins. After placing the buds back in the jars the RH stabilized at around 63% however the bud quality, smell and taste has not improved after curing for a week.

The taste is not nice at all, there are no discernible flavors. It tastes like bad weed which confirms to me that I have fucked up somewhere and considering how well the grow went I can only conclude that the buds have been speed dried by my dehumidifier. This would explain the poor quality and lack of taste or smell.

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Grow Questions
rockbo47 week 1 started grow question 1 year ago
How much water do seedlings require?
How much water should I be giving seedlings? They sprouted 2 days ago and are 1-2cm tall. I am using tap water with cal mag at 1ml per litre with a pH of 6.2. using the below
Feeding. Schedule
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rhodes68 answered grow question 1 year ago
Coco is a hydroponic medium there is no over-watering, no more than Deep Water Culture so within any reasonable use it aint that.
You fertigate in coco, every watering is a feeding and they are done to 10-20% runoff no need to guess.

Read this and USE it
"Coco for Cannabis" by Dr M.J.Coco amazon or his site
I stand by our results
rockbo47 week 1 started grow question 1 year ago
When to water in coco/perlite?
How do we know when the plants need more water when grown in coco? Do I wait until the coco is completely dry up to my knuckle? (as in dig entire finger into coco up to my knuckle) or should I be watering when only the first inch or so of coco is dry?
Feeding. Schedule
Feeding. Other
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Thraxa answered grow question 1 year ago
You want Coco to always stay a bit damp . Instead of it fully drying out like soil. Don't let it dry out fully as this can increase your salts in the pots.

Also fabric pots dry out quicker so you may need to water a little more than plastic pots. When I use fabrics I would water every other day in vedge and usually everyday in flower once they start needing more water . You'll know when they require more volume as there is less run off . I've now switched to plastic pots and can get away with feeding every other day , until the 5th week of flower . Never understood people feeding 3 times a day in Coco lol because I've never done that and never had any underwatering problems.
rockbo47 week 2 started grow question 1 year ago
Is this a sign of over-watering?
Is this a sign of over-watering? Amnesia auto in 5 gal fabric pot of coco/perlite, Day 9, temps remain between 22-25°C, RH stays between 50-65%. She's had 2.5L of water and 2.5L of low dose nutes since sprout starting at roughly 30ml on first day now up to 500ml per day
Leaves. Curl up
Other. General questions
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NobodysBuds answered grow question 1 year ago
What's wrong? Canoe can be one of many things... soil might be a bit hot? light could be too close? that last one is easy to eliminate it if familiar with it. if light related -- growth will stack up ontop of itself with veritually no internode spacing... another easy way to eliminate that cause. This is less likely, so geting it out of the way.

I see you are in coco coir? So, it does need fertilizer each time, but only if you fully saturate with 20% runoff to ensure no buildup occurs. Also, the first 2 weeks or so are powered by the seed anyway. The problem with a big pot and a small plant is doing this without overwatering... in coco coir you shouldn't have to worry.. get the how substrate evenly saturated with 20% runoff.. each time.. wait for a little dry on top before next. (not quite as dry as soil on top, but it should change color a bit).

be prepared to wait many days before watering again... culture shock if not doing that before. this avoids algea growth up top too.
rockbo47 week 2 started grow question 1 year ago
Can anyone tell we what the issue is here please?
Amnesia auto, coco/perlite mix, 5 gallon fabric pot, 18-6 schedule, sf1000, Day 13, avg temp of 25°C, avg RH of 60%.
schedule -
Temps exceeded 30°C for 5hrs today & was 29° yesterday
Leaves. Curl up
Leaves. Color - Pale
Leaves. Color - Mottling
GS2020 answered grow question 1 year ago
Probably irrigation residues?
Observe the evolution of these spots carefully every day and check the sheet from behind. Have preventives like diatomaceous earth or potassium soap on hand.
rockbo47 week 7 started grow question 12 months ago
Should I be concerned that my OG Kush auto is still not yet flowering at day 49?
As per the title. My Amnesia planted on the same day and had same care began flowering somewhere between days 30-40.
Buds. Too few
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horsemouth answered grow question 12 months ago
hi, she is not an autoflowering. it can happen. the only way to make it flower its to flip to 12/12.
rockbo47 week 7 started grow question 12 months ago
Anyone know what's up with my OG kush?
It's quite a light green and some of the leaves are showing damage/poor health as per the pics. Under feeding? Though some of the tips of the leaves show what I thought was nute burn.
Leaves. Dropping off
Leaves. Wilting
Leaves. Color - Pale
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blendmedmedman answered grow question 12 months ago
you have a ph issue. in turn is causing the plant to lock out the nutrients it nees, so flush your plant until you have a run off of 6.0 ph reading.
next let the pot dry out for a few days. when you start feeding nutrients again add cal mag and feed the plant at half of what you have been giving for the first few feeds, you should see improvement in a week or so
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