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Love these lights so far
This light did the job.
I was honestly surprised by this light. It ran a little hot, but definitely produced nice buds. I had 2 of these, but one for each plant in a 2x4 tent. I would recommend this light for someone starting out that wants to see if they like it and/or can produce plants through their full cycle, but the cost of 2 of these is the same as a Kingbrite, so I'd recommend that over 2x of these.
Honestly, was very impressed with the lights. They performed wonderfully, but ran a little hot. They kept my 2x4 tent at about 80-85 (F) the entire time even with the 4" inline fan at full power. For the price, I'd definitely recommend a friend buying a single one for a small tent to do a test run to see if they like growing, (I ran 2 - one for each plant) but if they wanted a bigger tent, I'd suggest to buy a Kingbrite since one of those isn't much more than 2 of these Parfectworks. Regardless -
love this for supplemental lighting