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OrganicGreenGoddess started grow question 3 years ago
For Organic growers out there... What are your go to plant nutrients, do you use worms, do you take your soil after a grow cycle and mix in worm castings, how do you amend your soil, how do you assure you get the biggest best harvest, deficiency problems? TIPS PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?!
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The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
There are various ways to go about it . Firstly it depends which route you wanna take . If you wanna take the organic route it is very do able now and days for a very good cost . They used to make only synthetic nutrients before in bottles but they now come organic as well . Basically what your going to want to look at when selecting stuff to make your plants more robust and have heavier yields is a few of the following things . Firstly a rooting agent like Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice or Piranha will help your too mass become bigger as well as increase the nutrient uptake your plant will be able to and increase the resistances to mould and heat stress another company that sells a simular product is Green Planets Ocean magic or Root builder both of these products do the same thing as voodoo juice and piranha except they are organic . Second thing your going to want to look at is a chelation agent a protein shake if you will for your plants in order for them to rebuild stronger and faster kinda like when a person works out they drink a protein shake same kinda effect but for plants . Chelation agents vary but the important ingrediant to look at is Humic and Fulvic acids these will help your plant rebuilt stronger and faster you can go through various company's to obtain such a nutrient my personal favorite is Advanced Nutrients B52 you can equally use Green Planets humic/fulvic acide uptake for an organic blend . This will cover your veg cycle pretty well with the added base nutrients of CalMg and what ever growth solution you are choosing to use . When it comes time to flower you can use various nutrients in order to help make your flowers form faster bigger and stronger . Advanced nutrients line up goes a little something like this Bud ignitor , basically a product that helps facilitate the formation of flowers it is used for the first week , then there is Bud candy this produc gives your plant extra food its needs that wont be offered in your bloom mix these things are usaly raw sugars that will increase the flavor the crystal production and the aroma of your flowers , this product is used all the way to the end of flowering until your getting ready to flush , then you use big bud and this helps kick your flowers into growth allowing them to get bigger and swell faster resulting into bigger more kick ass flowers , then lastly you would use over drive and that would do exactly what its name is kick your plant into overdrive make your buds even bigger and better increasing oil productions leading into a more frosted packed bud . These products are used in combination with each other in order to achieve a main goal . The green planet line up for that is massive bloom , rezin and liquid weight altho green planets system has less bottles they do the same things . I hope you find this information helpful ! And always keep in mind that these are examples there are many many many nutrient line up out there that will do exactly what you are looking for it all depends on what route you wanna take . - Happy Growing !
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
I wont use Soil again. I put my used soil always outside in my Garden. I prepare my own Soil mix. Its a very easy reciepe , ....................................... I use therefor
3 Parts Compostsoil
3Parts Peatmoss
1 Part Vermiculite
1,5-2 Parts Perlite...... this is the Basic Reciepe. For my Outdoors i put3 hands full of Horseshitpellets and Hornrasps in same Ammount
For the Indoors you can add Wormcastings( for outdoors too)
Compostsoil has all benefits for good microbacterial enriched soil foll of flovim and Huminacid and so on
Peatmoss is like a Sponge and keeps humidity inside
Vermiculite stables the PH
Perlite makes the mixture light and fluffy. More in the comment
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Before growing indoors with bottled nutes, I used to grow outdoors organically with home made worm castings, bat (or seabird) guano made into a tea; that usually took care of any nutrient need of the plant, but sometimes I got potassium deficiency and for those times nothing beats banana peal tea. I would advice against reusing soil, you run the risk bugs that could have infected your previous plants. Soil wise I used equal parts parts perlite, worm castings and peat