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BreaknBrad started grow question 5 years ago
I’m not sure if it’s the genetics or what but some leaves are developing a purple hue with some yellow. The new leaf growth doesn’t have it but any input is appreciated. I’ll post a pic in my diary. Thanks!
15 weeks
BreaknNinjaFruit BreaknBrad
Ninja Fruit
6 comments · 4 years ago
Week 5
Leaves. Veins - yellow between
Removed answered grow question 5 years ago
I'm going to go on a different route regarding your symptoms. I see purple to blackish dead splotches on lower leaves, severely affected leaves with metallic purple color contorting and withering, those are textbook symptoms of phosphorous deficiency. Since you don't mention it I assume you are not measuring nor adjusting pH.

I believe you might have deficiency due (a) pH been in the wrong range, or (b) after 6 weeks of veg growth that 1 gallon of soil is somewhat exhausted of nutrients, so either pot up to bigger pot or start feeding.
Removed answered grow question 5 years ago
Plants use a lot of magnesium and less water under led light. I've battled with it myself, usually a magnesium boost helps. Hope that helps.
Jeff123fish answered grow question 5 years ago
Looks to be a little bit mag deficient. It’s a mobile nutrient so the plant will pull it from the lower leaves when it’s not getting enough from the roots