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NomNom started grow question 4 years ago
My girls all have very close buds on the cola's, they are packed one on top off the other, big and dense. This caused air flow issues and helped to fester the bud rot. Is there a way I can encourage more stretch in the plant? especially in the cola's?
Trials, Success, And Failures of a 1st
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Trials, Success, And Failures of a 1st NomNom
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The_Projexx answered grow question 4 years ago
You can do a couple of things here in order to help facilitate the fight . You can raise your light higher then the recommended height this will promote the plants to stretch a little further in order for them to get the light they need , but in the end this method is just going to buy you a little more time not really fix the problem , You can lower the output on your light if thats an option but again this will encourage a stretch but will only buy you time not really a permanent fix . What you really wanna do is be able to encourage air flow throughout all your plants so you can simply add some more fans to help with this you can also take away any big big leaves this will also help promote air circulation throughout your plant aiding in the fight against bud rut but the very very best solution you can use to fight this off is lower you're humidity to as low as humanly possible if you can get it lower then 30% you are very likely never going to run into bud rot or mould issues in your grows , not only will it ensure that you don't get mould or bud rot but your plant will produce even more oils crystals and rezin for you ! Thats pretty much the ultimate fix for this problem is to get your humidity as low as you can get it . If your having trouble getting it down I might suggest you get a small dehumidifier with a good sized tank so your not always in there emptying it . This way you can ensure your crops safety vs those 2 tragic crop destroyers :( . Over all I can see your plants are nice and healthy you just got a few things to adjust if your scared that mould and bod rott are going to be an issue other wise you're rocking and rolling getting ready to get that tasty medicine ! I hope this information helps you on your journey to the finish line ! -Happy Growing!
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Sure. Increasing the distance to the light is a way. Increasing the difference between lights on and lights off temperatures encourages stretch too. Also, some defoliation can help increase airflow between the buds