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GreenHouseLab started grow question 3 years ago
Please see Week 5 Comment to get the background information to my question: Is everyone posting PPMs level and PH levels from the runoffs numbers or from their mix? I get different numbers obviously and find it hard to deliver consistency. Do I need to adjust my level accordingly
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Emperor Jack (Auto) GreenHouseLab
Royal Jack Automatic
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Week 5
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Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @SCgrow! From the solution/feeding. But be warned that all diaries do not have accurate informations. In soil, your pH must remain around 6.2 during the whole lifecycle of your plant. The EC should be very low for seedlings, then it slowly increases as we add more nutrients to the solution. The easiest way is to find out the best doses for your solution by yourself, start with the fertilizer brand's feeding schedule but divide their numbers by 2. They usually recommend unrealistic schedules with very high ECs. After a few weeks of 1/2 of what's recommended, slowly increase nutrients/EC unless your plants are showing signs of toxicity/nutrients burn. Don't measure the runoff values, unless you're having a serious issue with your rootzone, you will complicate your analysis (numbers in the runoff can get crazy) and will degrade/uncalibrate your testers faster. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
I think you put yourself in a high pressure, Growing in soil should be smooth. your girls just cannibalised themselves for the stretch into flowering.
There is no builtlup you have to flush, she is just 5 weeks old. and she has a good size. the flushing disturbes the balance of you soil. normally it is a good buffered and secure medium to to grows. tell us next time if you have problems, before doing anything^^. or shortmessage, everything is ok cool down , stop flushing
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! The output values are useless in soil, just the inputs matters. Soil have natural buffer properties so I doubt the output values are really the soil values. I hope it will help you :grin::v::skin-tone-3: