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dancingshrubbery started grow question 3 years ago
My plants have started getting spots on the leaves for 2 weeks now. I found some tiny bugs on the underside of the leaves and sprayed them down with plant soap, however, they are still there apparently. Is there anything else wrong with my plants looking at the leaves?
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Barneys grow dancingshrubbery
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Week 12
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Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @dancingshrubbery! I think the yellow spots are not related to bugs/pests. The dark & almost glossy foliage makes me think of a slight Nitrogen abuse for the last weeks, and as as result, the rootzone is having hard times trying to handle Phosphorous intakes. You must stop BioGrow as soon as the stretch has ended (~week2 of flowering stage), this explains why you're having some deficiencies. Flush your medium with plain pH'd water, and stick to BioBloom + TopMax in your next feedings. LaughingBuddha is one of the best weed I ever smoked in Amsterdam, you will have fun :sunglasses: Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
Green_Friends_Inc answered grow question 3 years ago
Bugs on underside are usually spider mites. Lady bugs do eat them. This late in flower is a tough problem to solve. If you can...I've had some success this way. Take plants outside or in shower. Use a medium pressure and blast / wash the plant off focusing especially on the undersides. Let's plant dry and check and if necessary repeat until no bugs are found! This would be repeated every few days until you have broken the life cycle of the bugs. Also diatomaceous earth layered on top of soil if applicable will help.

Lastly you asked if anything else, and I'm having a hard seeing / discerning but believe you may have PM. It may just be the light and the camera playing tricks or if you look in middle of the canopy and slightly to the left and up. Some of the leaves are curling downwards and have a slight white hue to them..
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
do you have a picture of the insects,aphids maybe=? I had good succes with buying predatores who eat the other insects. But got to know wich bugs you have under the leaves. But iam guessing aphids. therefor are ladybug larvaes great. as you are in flowering stage i wont spray anything on the plants, if there no flowers( next grows) there are many solutions for insects. most time i use Neemoil -solutions, nicotine-sprayons help very good too. Maybe do a pic of the insects and we look together wich insects those are and look for the fitting predators