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EuphoricDiaries started grow question 5 years ago
Can anyone give me some knowdledge on GuanaFlo and how concentrated is should be used ? And frequency?

Also any thoughts on the wattage of lights I’m running in the tent and the distance would really be helpful thanks :)
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souljasam answered grow question 5 years ago
So the lighting you have you don't wanna go based off wattage equivalencies. You wanna go off what they draw from the wall. 150w cfls usually draw about 42w and I looked up that led and see no info on the actual wattage which is a red flag that it's not a very good led sadly. Looking at the answers to the questions people asked it seems like that light probably outputs 80-100w or so. The CFL you should have 4-6 inches from the plant and the led I would start at 20 inches and lower it until you see the plant get stressed by it and then back it off a bit. How big is your grow space? You'll likely want more light later on in veg and definitely in flower unless your grow space is really small(2 square feet or so). Just an FYI you should ph your water down to 6.5 give or take a couple tenths of a point. that may be why your growth seems a bit slow though its not crazy slow.
Fast_Buds answered grow question 5 years ago
Hey there!

As usual, some great advice form your fellow growers here on Grow Diaries.

I hav to 3rd the info on your pH levels, definitely get that down a bit as having the pH off will affect nutrient intake as well.

I agree with souljasam, it would be very useful to know the 'actual wattage' of your LED light, but just as both the other growers mentioned, 18-20 inches away is a good starting point.

Let us know if you need anything else! We will follow along=)
Skunk_Life85 answered grow question 5 years ago
I would mix 5-10ml per 1 gallon to start and go from there. Always start with half recommended doses once a week if using soil or coco coir. Ph for coco or soilless should be between 5.7-6.2 for best nute uptake. Now lighting is tricky when it comes to wattage use. You want a full spectrum that has the right coverage for your area. I use a Platinum P450 for a 3x2 even though it is rated for a 3x2.5 foot print with a 255 watt acual draw. LED is the way to go. You can get great results with lower wattage lights like the beat va 1000watt(180watt actual draw) you want to look at ACTUAL wattage draw not hid replacement wattage(1000watt). Par should be between 400-700 core coverage/area to get a decent yeild. I usually have my light set at 18-20 inches above the canopy. Hopefully this helped.