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howie03 started grow question 4 years ago
Don't know what happens with my Diesel (#2). Had the same starting problems (week 2) last grow. This time I let her grow but I think she will be a total failure. What is my problem with the Diesel? All plants have the same grow conditions (as the eddies in diary 3).
2nd grow
14 weeks
2nd grow howie03
+1 strain
4 comments · 4 years ago
Week 9
Buds. Not fattening
LongJohn420 answered grow question 4 years ago
I'd say little over watering going on there, leafs hanging their tips down. Flush your soil with just plain ph'd water after it's dry. Then cut your nutes half. Better with lesser nutes than nutrient lock. Those leafs looks like nutrient lock yes.
Hope this will help! happy grows! :alien:
KrautFabrik answered grow question 4 years ago
If your ph and all other conditions are good, i would say the light power is to low. But #1 is doing great so i dont think so. By the way you could go closer with the light and test it (you got nothing really to lose :sweat_smile: but keep the distance to #1 because she is doing good)

Ps: Check the ph of your outcoming drain, it looks like she got little nutrients lock out. (Deep green leafs from week 9 and it would explain the brown dots which looks like cal/mg deficit)