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MisterSix started grow question 10 months ago
Usually at 50d of bloom i will witness bud hardening but in my case it still not ripen and still have so many pistils on it. Might high humidity (65-70) the issue in this case. The fan leave are starting to yellow a little bit
Week 18
Buds. Not fattening
Clutch answered grow question 10 months ago
The slow growth and ripening is defenitly because of the High Humidity and way too high day and night temperatures. In nature days are fresher towards the end of flowering and so should an indoor grow be too. U did defolation and that's a good thing because with this humidity bud rot is on the corner. Make the air flow very well and try to get it down to about 50% humidity. Let the girls dry out for a few days. The brown spots I cannot say what it is. Ph on point so the nutrients intake shouldn't be a problem. Dry them out and do a flush and try to correct the humidity and temperature. Plant still looks very good and maybe u should let her grow some longer to fully outgrow those nice buds. Still many white pistils so far from done in my opinion. Hope u get some answers from other growers too since I'm far from being an expert. Keep growing :wink:
BossSauce answered grow question 10 months ago
hey there humidity is much less a problem than the very high temps you're seeing, you're aiming for 25°C max during the day and a decent drop at night, the temperatures make the plant make some denser buds. Nothing you can really do so close to the end though, the potency will also be a little bit affected. For the white pistils and general look and feel of the flowers, that's a genetic thing. So some plants have more white pistils than others and some plants take a little longer than others. Hope this helps ! :rocket: