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JamieDirt24 started grow question 3 years ago
I'm worried I over watered her a bit. I used a spray bottle and only put enough water in to maybe soak 3/4 down her cup. There was no run off. No nutes yet. In happy frog medium. Does it look like flooding to u and is there a way to help her back?
 The Life of Lilly
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The Life of Lilly JamieDirt24
60 Day Lemon Autoflower
3 years ago
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Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
Yes it looks like over watering or not drying out enough in between watering. So let it dry out really well not to the point where it wilts the plant but to where the soil is dry and fell the weight of it and take a mental note of its weight. then give it a watering and feel the weight after you water it take mental note of that also. you can even weigh them to make it more accurate then you can use how heavy it feels to determine to water yet or just looks like it needs water make sense? She should recover no problem:+1: just let her dry out and keep good watering schedule/practice Happy Growing an if you have any other ?'s don't hesitate to ask:blush:
marijuangie answered grow question 3 years ago
3/4 down for the cup is waaaaay too much water for the little guy. I did the same thing when I started off my plants and it stunted the growth a bit. I left them alone for a few days and they started to perk back up again. How long are you waiting in between watering?