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MadameMary started grow question 3 years ago
Which volume of soil/Sq metter do you recommend for the best production ratio? I mean number of pots and his volume. I am using 4 led tubes of 20 watts and 6500k is it the best way to germinate and grow the plants for 15 days?
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DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey MadameMary, it's all about the genetics that you're using. The basic theory is that you want to maximise the space that your roots use. So for example if you use a 10 gallon pot but your roots dont use all the space then you're wasting space in the end. Same if you use a too small pot and the plant needs more space then you're missing the chance to get more yield. the second point is you want to reduce the amount of transplant stress your plants will feel : so if you transplant 5 times before the final pot then you waste time maybe and it makes the grow cost more because you need to use the lights, electricity etc. So finally to answer your question, probably it's possible to germinate like 45 seeds in 500ml pots with like 8 LED strips for 20W 6500K in a 1 sq m. Hope this helps ! :rocket:
The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
Well this mostly depends on what stage of growth your in for your pots , typically you would start them in a smal 5 inch square pot or something of that size then as the plant grows and covers more surface area of your 5 inch square pot I would transplant them into a 5 gallon pot . But this all depends on a lot of things : how long the plants going to stay in veg , how big you want the plant to be , how much space you have in your grow room . As for the best way to germinate and start your grow , your on the right track being as you can lower the lights to pretty much right onto the plant without risking heat damages while providing it with the light it needs to start up nicely . As for the actual germination there are a variety of techniques out there some people swear by some and some swear by others , I think its important to try the various ways till you find a way that really works for you . One thing I could suggest to help facilitate the germination process is to let your seed(s) soak in room temp water for 4-5 hours before you germinate them with your chosen method . This will soften up the seed husk allowing your plant(s) head to stretch up , open and start growing leaves much faster. I hope this information helps along your quest to becoming a master of cannabis ! -Happy Growing!