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Muski started grow question 3 years ago
At day 9 I noticed that the tips of the 2d pair of leaves are curled.
I imagine it's a pH change problem as I watered with mineral water (famous in my country for having a pH of ~6.5). Maybe it's that pH change that caused the iss
" Bubble" | First grow !
3 weeks
" Bubble" | First grow ! Muski
Northern Lights Automatic
1 comment · 3 years ago
Week 2
Leaves. Curl down
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
In soil you can grow between 6 a d 7ph so 6.5 is the middle value , but a brutal switch can stress the plant. Forget about the boron deficiency except if you are re using a old soil it's a pretty rare early deficiency. Mineral water have ... mineral in it like Calcium Magnesium and others stuffs RO water is pure water so you will have to add cal mag and others micro nutrients to compensate so do you really wanna do that ?
My guess is that you over watered your plant , the soil does not looks dry at all but the opposite ( not really the opposite but more moisture than what you should )
korsito answered grow question 3 years ago
hello friend, it is probably because of the type of water, you should let it rest for 24-48 hours before giving it to the little one, and do not water the whole pot, you are placing too much water, put less water, and only
add when you see that the earth is dry. Greetings friend, I hope I have helped you.