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Denzul started grow question 3 years ago
After noticing calmag deficiency in some other ladies I preventativly hit everyone with cal mag. Few days later see yellowing on leaves (pic above). Could they need more cal mag? Also looks like could be nitrogen deficiency? Thanks for any help with this issue.
Amnesia Auto Experimental Grow
9 weeks
Amnesia Auto Experimental Grow Denzul
Amnesia Auto
38 comments · 3 years ago
Week 7
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Momgrowsthechronic answered grow question 3 years ago
If the yellowing is only affecting only lower, older leaves it could be that you need a little more CalMag (not sure what you are currently giving them). 2.5 mls/gallon is an average maintenance dose while some plants require 3-5 mls/gallon to remain healthy and green all the way through till flush. If the yellowing is affecting the entire plant all at once- I would lean more towards a Nitrogen/all nutrient deficiency. From what I can see above, you seem to be giving your plants the correct dose of nutrients so if the problem persists I would recommend a flush with PH’d water followed by a watering with light nutes. This usually works for me and I continue on through the rest of my grow to a successful harvest. Hope this helps and all the best growing forward!