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Spydr started grow question 4 years ago
Light green, thin patches on new growth. Topped on the 28th, from the 6th node to the 3rd.
Fluence Spydr 340w set at 40% 6 inch from plants
4x4 tent
humidity 30%
68-78 degrees night vs day
1 gallon pot in coco coir base super soil
No visible pests on leaves or soil
Newbie 12 plant outdoor
11 weeks
Newbie 12 plant outdoor Spydr
+2 strains
25 comments · 3 years ago
Week 4
Techniques. Defoliation
biggreens420 answered grow question 4 years ago
Could your light be a bit strong bleaching the new growth in places as it only looks to be on new growth?. could be stress from topping also as i had a blue mystic what did this after topping it it recovered well tho there's a pic of it in my first critical diary around week 4 i think I wouldn't worry to much at this point unless it gets worse
FlavoursUk answered grow question 4 years ago
Its possibly sulphur shortage. If you look closely, there is evidence of other, faint discolouration on other leaflets in that leaf, presenting mostly as lighter green parts, as opposed to the distinct yellowing. It might also be a viral infection, hard to say.
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Most probably it's pH related, since you don't mention adjusting it, nor any kind of info regarding it