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LockDownGrow started grow question 3 years ago
Ok so I have a good question for you good people ,
What is the advantage of feeding little and often over completely soaking your pots ?
As I have always drenched my soil so I don't have too feed as often as that works out better for me and I am having great results ,
Week 5
Buds. Not fattening
LongJohn420 answered grow question 3 years ago
When you drench your plants totally wet roots don't get aerated properly. When you let your pots dry by lenght of your finger (about 5 cm) and when watering it aerates the soil.
GreenBuzzLiquids answered grow question 3 years ago
1.) ! What is the advantage of feeding little and often over completely soaking your pots ?

The benefit of your application is obvious. On the one hand, because of your casting method, the mostly dry surface of the earth (besides the pots that already feed the air supply anyway), so that most of the time an air supply from above can take place, on the other hand the substrate stays nice and does not seep away fast, moreover, the absorption capacity of the substrate by the airy Strucktur (eg by regular on mulching the earth's surface, for example, with a trident or a fork) significantly increased, and the latter can settle on the predominantly dry earth surfaces less pests and lay there eggs life sustaining, they simply lack the certain RLF which becomes interesting only when the substrate surface is completely soaked. So you do everything right and there is nothing to improve here in our opinion. Like if you agree or commented please if we should be wrong or you see it differently or have made other experiences with the named.

2.) ! Other ! Buds not Fattening?:

Your plants look really great, they do not lack anything. After the plants have finished strechting they can start slowly with our product ORGANIC MORE PK with 0.5ml / 1 L, which you can progressively increase from now on with another 0.5ml / 1 L each further week up to a maximum of 2ml / 1L can let.
And you will be more convinced of the compactness of your buds from week to week, it is best that you always follow the instructions on our Growing schedule in your first grow with our products before you deviate from ours with our products from the 2nd consecutive grow can and above all shalt. If you combine this with the experience of your first Combination from the second consecutive round, you will improve many subtleties again in order to be able to match it better to the optimum performance phases of the respective plant growth.

(and sry i hope everyone could understand what we meant, most of us translated as always with google Translate from german to english, we know he got better but still not perfect, as he is sometimes quite relevant words not translated)