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Cedji_Grows started grow question 3 years ago
Second week of veg now and one of my 2 plants is showing some weird symptomes... can anyone tell me what is wrong with it? I really wouldn't know :(. :dizzy_face:
First outdoor grow
10 weeks
First outdoor grow Cedji_Grows
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Week 2
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ReinDeer answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi, I’m not an expert but from the photos it looks like your soil is way to wet especially for the plant being so young. I would suggest to leave the soil unwatered at least few day to let it dry. For such plants I usually water just the soroundings and water next until the pot feels light. Of course as plants progress in growth they will need bigger amounts of water.

I would also keep an eye on pH of your water and would keep it a little lower then your current value.

Hope I could help you:blush: