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Pablo77 started grow question 4 years ago
My plant has being well so far but now have found in one of them this sort of discoloration / spots in some of the leafs. Going into flowering now, anything I should worry / correct?

Have added a bit of background in the comments
1st try
6 weeks
1st try Pablo77
C4 Auto
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Week 6
Leaves. Color - Mottling
FlavoursUk answered grow question 4 years ago

Sometimes called "yellow leaf spot" or "leaf septoria," this condition is caused by a fungus (or sometimes a bacteria) that attacks cannabis plants and usually appears in warm, wet weather. The symptoms first appear on the bottom leaves of the plant.

Although the spots often appear yellow like in the picture you showed, they will start turning brown over time. So if you see round brown spots on your cannabis leaves it could also be caused by leaf septoria.

Solution to Leaf Septoria

This fungus spores may stay in the soil over the winter, and attack your plants in the summer. Spores are also easily spread by wind and rain.

Immediately (and carefully) remove all affected leaves to get rid of as many spores as possible.
Prune any leafy parts of the plant to improve circulation through the plant
Avoid getting water on the leaves or laying on top of each other – you want to avoid moisture
Make sure to keep the ground under your plant clean. Rake away all leaves and vegetation. Adding mulch can also help prevent spores from spreading.
Keep plants healthy, sicks plants are much more susceptible to leaf septoria than healthy plants One way to help prevent this fungus from attacking your plants is to rotate crop sites or move to a new location every year.
A copper based fungicide or a broad spectrum fungicide may be effective at stopping the fungus from spreading though they are best used as a preventative. Depending on exactly what's causing your leaf spot, Neem Oil may be used to help combat the problem. Neem Oil will leave an unpleasant taste/smell on buds when used to treat flowering plants, so don't let this stuff get near your buds! You will need a mister (also called a "One-Hand Pressure Sprayer") to spray all the leaves evenly, since neem oil and water can separate easily. Try spraying just a small part of the plant and see how it reacts first before spraying the whole thing.

Hope this helps.
ScarfaceGuerrilla answered grow question 4 years ago
For preventing any deficiency (which is not a case here, i think this happened when you sprayed the leaves with water and it worked as a lense to burn a spot in the leaf) use Magnifical (remo nutriens) to prevent deficiencies and keep plants happy, also spray before lighs go on or after they go off
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
It's a mild nutrient burn. You started feeding too soon for a 15 liter pot. Just give plain water for now
Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
Hey there I see the leaves you mention and if they continue to yellow throughout then there's surely a nute problem. The small lines on the one leaf could indicate trails, occasionally you may get miner bugs that'll leave trails behind and using the been oil/ 1part alcohol-1part water spray/ or a spinosad spray can ward them off if present, some of the bugs are inside the plant this is why we don't even see them until the damage has been dealt. As for the spotting it could be a phosphorous deficiency which would mean to just look over your nutes and make sure there is a base nute like a micro, also tap water can give those basic nutrients calcium, etc and prevent those small problems from popping up.
I hope you sort out your troubles and orher than the small issues the plants look very nice and full.