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MrGrowwww started grow question 3 years ago
What light schedule and percentages between veg and bloom should i be implicating during this early stage of growth??
2nd time round Seedsman Autos
2 weeks
2nd time round Seedsman Autos MrGrowwww
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Week 1
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DILLIGAF answered grow question 3 years ago
@MrGrowwww Hi mate if running autoflowers you can run from seed to harvest on any light schedule be it 12/12
18/6 20/4 or even 24 hours a day although I think the plants need atleast a few hours sleep so I am doing a 21 on and 3 off schedule
Now when you are growing photoperiod strains most growers will veg with an 18/6 cycle before flipping to 12/12 to induce flowering (photos can I only flower if given atleast 12 hrs of total darkness ) Hope this answers your question and happy growing
Majormolasses answered grow question 3 years ago
24 hrs and as low as possible plants only need a T5 bulb at begging of life not much more you want the intensity to get more and more as the flowers come should be full