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Cerebral started grow question 2 years ago
How much are people typically defoliating per plant and when?

I have taken around a handful of leaves off each plant once at day 30 and again at day 49 and find light penetration is beginning to struggle again - can I defoliate again before harvest without affecting yield?
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Techniques. Defoliation
The_Bearded_Grower answered grow question 2 years ago
don't defoliate after 2 weeks of flower as it will affect the yield negatively. my self i wait till just before the bud is about to open as the stretch is almost over and remove any low down bud sites and any leafs that do not get good light. i will also remove any leafs that cover a bud site so that is can get good light. if you look at some of my older grows i have some pics of my defoliated plants to give you an idea.
note that is you are scroging you generally want to remove any leafs or bud sites that don't get above the net ( see week 6 of my mid ayahuasca grow )
DissNoof answered grow question 2 years ago
this is a contentious issue in the community actually I'm on the fence about it. Folks (like me!) That don't recommend defoliation during flower use the logic that when you pluck leafs off and the plant is flowering the plant will split it's attention between making new leafs and making new flowers. Folks that say go for it think that light exposure will promote flower growth. What I say is that defoliation for us is actually HST for the plant, overdoing it will shock her and this isn't fantastic . Another thing you might not have thought about which I do think is a good thing to do is to remove the bottom one or two flower nodes with a razor blade . These bottom buds won't turn out that great anyway , so when you remove them the plant ends up focussing on the remain top buds and this does increase yield and also it's quality yield. Hope this helps ! :rocket: