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Alexanderbeno started grow question 2 years ago
Why does the plant have flowering symptoms? It's not strange, given that the light is in 18/6 mode.،?
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secondary photopriod
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secondary photopriod Alexanderbeno
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Week 12
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DILLIGAF answered grow question 2 years ago
@Alexanderbeno Hi mate a photoperiod plant should not ever go to flower when on an 18/6 light cycle
Light leaking is only an issue if your plant isn't flowering so you can disregard that as a factor. Somehow between either the breeders the seed distributors or even an accidental error of your own the seeds have been mixed up with an autoflowering variety
DissNoof answered grow question 2 years ago
Hey there AlexB, yeah I can confirm she's showing signs of (pre)flower including pistils. This could be from any number of things, such as 1. The seedbank basically confused photo and auto seeds then packaged them - that's why you should always buy direct ! Check out other grows of these gens on GD see if anyone has this same problem in case folks do have this issue it's probably this right? Second it could be that the plant is confused based on a light leak, in this case it's been stressed to the point where it's flowering wierdly. Against this you should maybe get the cheapest lux meter you can find and stay in the tent after lights off like 15-20 minutes to see if there's any kinds light blinking or something else causing a light leak. If you find something tape over it with black duct tape to keep the light out. Third, and this is really the worst : it could be "unstable genetics" this will have the plant flower all wierdly and uselessly and eventually you'll have to give up because the plant will never reach harvestable maturity. Beyond these , I can't really say for sure. Hope this helps ! :rocket: