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Techpuffin started grow question 2 years ago
How can I guarantee a cutting becomes a hermaphrodite mini plant to make more seeds?
Week 14
Other. Harvest - Curing
Wicked_Stix answered grow question 2 years ago
I can't really tell from the photos if your plant is a Hermie. The only thing you can do at this point is just keep growing her way past harvest to see if she will Hermie. But you are better off taking that pollen and pollinating another clone that has just entered flower. She might not be in good enough health to produce
good seeds that late in her cycle. Colloidal silver is a good option to force pollen but it has to be started at the first sign of flower.
Fruitgrower answered grow question 2 years ago
You can't really tell from the pictures, all your other photos are clear and beautiful but your hermie photos are terrible lol!
What you can see is it doesn't look as healthy as the other plants and looks like it's suffered some stress or burn. Could just be the bad seed. Could be a hermie but can't see yet.