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Removed started grow question 5 years ago
Would love to get some comments about the strains... searched a bit in the Internet: strains should be: Orient Express, China Yunnan, Banghi Haze, Pakistan Chitral kush and some Congo... numberd the Pictures of the different plants
ACE fem MiX
8 weeks
ACE fem MiX TyrolaRasta
+3 strains
27 comments · 4 years ago
Week 5
Buds. Not fattening
Ripper answered grow question 5 years ago
All the strains are solid looking strains. As for buds not fattening. I would up your phosphorus and potassium. There are many great bud boosters. One I have used is called big up powder.. it is 0-33-23 and will give a nice boost.
Perth answered grow question 5 years ago
The only one I have ever tried or even heard about is Orient Express :sweat_smile: It reminded me of some nice Thai, definitely sativa dominant. It was nice but not too strong in smell or effect. Perfect day time smoke for sure. The Paki Kush sounds real nice. Peace and happy growing.