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TheHighentist started grow question 1 week ago
I just did some defoliation in 2nd week of flower.
I still have some bud sights that a bit underdeveloped(Dont reach the scrog net)
Should i remove them?
Is there anything i can do to speed up their growth so the reach the net?
Leave new shoots?
Techniques. ScrOG
Principe answered grow question 1 week ago
I cut them. They will never reach the light source and use their energies to stretch. for what? from 0.5 gr to 1 gr maximum? cut them!
Organoman answered grow question 1 week ago
Look up "lollipopping cannabis", this may guide your thought processes........
Otherwise you can just leave them and let it be what it is going to be.
Nothing you can really do to make certain branches grow faster than others.
GrowingGrannie answered grow question 1 week ago
First, there's nothing you can do to "speed up" their growth except get light to them... You might try just some tucking - take the larger leaves that are shading them and tuck them under and away from the bud sites so that they're exposed... I also think that removing them isn't a bad idea if they're really small (some call me a heretic!) - but what's the point of asking the plant to put its energy into small bud sites that aren't going to be worth a damn? I'd rather the plant send its energy to the GOOD bud sites! But it's your call....

Good luck!