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MarcXL started grow question 1 year ago
Asking all the Green Buzz Liquid growers:
What experience did you make with clean fruits? Is it required to use clean fruits with flushing or is it okay just to water the girls with that additive without producing drain?
I mean, normally no need to flush organic nutes, right? :grin:
Week 12
Techniques. Defoliation
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 1 year ago
Beeing organic or not, its no fun to smoke Nutrients. Ihave watered a few Girls with the " Clean Fruits" i did not water untl drain... but arouhd 5 litr for a20 l pot. ( slowly) and i cound see a few days later, that the leaves discolouring drasticly... i dont know how it works but it works. And the Grower PharmaZ wrote something to Clean fruits too.....He wrote something like he had eatn a leaf before flushing and after ( few days later) and the taste of the leaf changed . After flush the leaf only tstd like chloophyll iam looking to write it down in the comments