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JohnnyBlaz3 started grow question 1 year ago
Discoloration on one plants leaves. tips curled down on most plants. watering every 2nd or 3rd day
Gorilla ZkittleZ LETS GO
17 weeks
Gorilla ZkittleZ LETS GO JohnnyBlaz3
Gorilla Zkittlez
69 comments · 10 months ago
Week 4
Leaves. Curl down
HighRoller909 answered grow question 1 year ago
first of all,your grow looks really good,nothing to worry about too much for now.Stats are cool, 6 ph is OK, watering every 2/3 day is OK and you have perlites in your coco it is very OK too.With coco,overwatering with every other day watering is nearly impossible,yours are not overwatered.With coco/perlite it is quite impossible.Yours just have too much nutrients in growing medium.Those rusty spots generally related to calcium deficiency but since you also think that you overfed some until now,rusty spots will turn into crispy leaf parts slowly.Leaves have a solid dark color and very little signs of burn on the edges means yes you have overfed a bit but nothing to worry about as they all look healthy.As far as I know,gorilla strains are sativa dominant ones with fussy genetics.sativa leaning plants don't like much Nitrogen.That's why you see leaf tips curling down.this clawing is caused by overnitrogen,meaning nitrogen toxicity.But as I said,nothing to worry about because you have just noticed it and did a great job! All my sativas had this clawing,I treated them quick and it didnt have affect the yield. 3lt pots are too small,I suppose you'll transfer them into bigger pots soon.My advice ; do a flush with 5lt of water.check the EC of the runoff from starts.You'll see it decreases with more water.that's good.when you have more clear runoff with less EC,you are safe.Then feed them just like you fed until now.but add less nutrients please.Also,a critical advice , that VeloKelp thing seems to be some seaweed extract.They also have too much Nitrogen in them.Giving grow nutrients alongside things like kelp causes that Nitrogen toxicity.Use only kelp or grow for your plants as they seem to be not loving it that much.I would cut off grow nutrient.only kelp,no remo grow.and you'll have all your problems got away.this one is a well prepared,nice grow.good luck mate
DWCHC answered grow question 1 year ago
By the looks, it's just a bit of overwatering, probably leeching out the calcium.. get a water meter, target is 3-4. On the meter. But.. when you let them dry out a but, till the leaves just start to droop, they begin to throw a bunch of roots to find water, then give a half dose of nutes with a bit of calmag, and they really kick it up a notch.. timing is key, so as they don't get too dry... In flower, I wouldn't recommend it...besides that they look great, have you ever considered a DWC system?
Mr_Weeds_Autos answered grow question 1 year ago
This exact thing just happened to me with my Original Auto Russian ... Come to find out it had too much nitrogen after contacting FastBuds. I didn't get the brown spots but that could be the damage that was done from overfeeding. After giving my lady pure water for a bit she's back to normal !!!
Ganjagrandaddy answered grow question 1 year ago
It is a difficult one at best with overwatering being out the equation. as rightly said , it is near impossible to over water and your in fabric pots that cant get wet feet due to the stands they are on too. The 6 Ph for me is a little high and coco does seem to prefer 5.8 ( swings expected and normal between this but ideally 5.8.) Your light is a good distance away so it rules that out really but the little reddish spots do look a lot like calmag needs an up maybe. They love this stuff if on led and the coco also likes to leech it too. Over feeding is an easy thing to do early on and we all fall a little guilty of trying to push the them to beef up. You said you get runnoff which is good as this can get the excess salt build up out of your pots too. The jist with coco is to feed EVERYDAY, it is hydro after all and doesnt hold on to the nutes too well in truth . If you only water to a 10% every day and water the pots edges with the most , trying to roll the coco over itself to the centre of the pot a little , it will churn the rootball naturally , adding fresh oxygen too and you can start to work out regular pattern to it. Once you hit flowering stretch , you can up the feeds to 2 x daily and even less run off each feed as your pushing it through the pot. On the instant fix before that can happen , as high roller says , give them a flush through and reset them back to ready to feed mode. This will allow the fine hair on the roots to open again and hopefully rebalance them. Hope that wasnt a ramble. looking g ok to me mate
Fruitgrower answered grow question 1 year ago
I can say it's over feeding too. Coco perfect pH is 5.8-6ph. Make sure you don't feed every time you water because coco is very good at holding onto nutrients. Also when your watering be careful not to soil on the leaves because the lights will magnify this and cabbage the leaves (looks like it might have happened already) :seedling::grin:
Harmar answered grow question 1 year ago
Hi! Check Ph. I think it is reduced. Excessive watering, acidification of the substrate