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Removed started grow question 4 years ago
how can i take seeds from this clone for future protection purposes of this blueberry genetic? no male, just clone. Should i cross female with female?
dripberry (purps inc.)
12 weeks
dripberry (purps inc.) Kvothe
20 comments · 3 years ago
Week 12
Techniques. Defoliation
MUDBUG answered grow question 4 years ago
U cant there is nothing at all u can do u cant even reveg her her life cycle is over if u want to do this strain again you would have clip your clone before u flip her at around 4-6 weeks all this needs to occur within that time frame the timing has to be on point also if u can just find regular mixed seeds of the strain this could save u a lot of headaches:+1::+1::beers::beers:
Jeff123fish answered grow question 4 years ago
At this point it’s so far into flower your best bet would be to try and reveg it as it doesn’t have enough flowering time left for anyseeds to mature no matter who you pollenated it with