The leaves look a bit sparse, does this look norma...

Jmancstarted grow question 6 years ago
The leaves look a bit sparse, does this look normal for an outdoor kush auto grow? Do you think it is necessary to add additional nutrients? i have some biogrow and biobloom ready. It has been in allmix soil for 4 weeks now. Thank you!
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Jeff123fishanswered grow question 6 years ago
It looks like it’s stretching for light not nutes. So I would say try to get it a little more light. It certainly doesn’t need nutes yet
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MUDBUGanswered grow question 6 years ago
Your plant is starving right now u need to add sum b vitiams and at this stage i would start her bloom nutes at 350-400 ppm 6.1 ph u in soil u could go 6.3 6.4 once u start your bloom nutes she will branch out and get fuller she will keep stretching add 6 ml a gallon on a root booster and top her to get light to the bottom the strain u got wont produce like it should like shes going start her on her bloom nutes and see for yourself✌️✌️👍👍🍻🍻
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Michkaanswered grow question 6 years ago
Hello my friend, yes after 5weeks you can give her a bit of nitrogen she will love it, and a bit of root booster if you have some... You'll see her leaves getting darker after a day or two.. I hope i helped you, feel free to ask ! Michka
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