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Med_in_Tropic GrandMaster
Growing it
Potent, nice mango smell. Still, Full Moon Party does not cut it as an interesting strain. Buds do not stack and are way too small. No way to compete with professional F1 triploid.

Professional breeding is another level of cannabis art. I suspect that there must be a feminized tetraploid father and normal diploid mother. Therefore there are two areas that I need to do well; reversing sex with STS, and mutating plant to make polyploid.

More importantly, there should be either large development plot or reliable network to select winning phenotypes.
2 weeks ago
Med_in_Tropic GrandMaster
Growing it
Effects of high THCV content are unusual. I found the most useful trait is anti-anxiety / anti-paranoid. By itself, Novarine THCV is not good for recreational use.

On the other hand, Novarine blended with other strong Sativa is offer great high without the negatives. And the most popular effect would be hunger suppression for dieting.

I definitely do not recommend Novarine for recreational use. There will no medicinal benefits as in other cannabis. Novarine THCV is a specific medicine. It is excellent weoght losing tool without negative effects of methamphetamine drugs.

Another intersting aspect is reducing paranoid and anxiety. This could be from from weed induced or post traumatic events. On the ohter hand, Novarine won’t get you very high.

My over all rating is an 8
Effect – 7 for unique effects but Novarine is not for ever one.
Ease of grow – 8. Easy enough for outdoor with strong tolerances to host of things. For in-door, she needs constant management with long internode distance.
Ease of flowering – 10. Wonderfully easy to manage.
Smell – lovely 9.

On smoking experience, the effects from all three plants were similar. Smells were different but all were good.

During grow, flowers fragrance was fruity mango. Then as they cured, marvelous smell from different phenotypes emerged.

Plant 1 and 3 are cure to sweet fruity mango. Smell like candy African/Thai hybrid Sativa. And plant 2 has classic Thai ganja with fruity, hawthorn berry.

Taste was fairly smooth and earthy with a tinge of spicy anise.

The high from all Navarine phenotypes are similar and not like any other weeds. And high seemed to come in two phases. At first, the effect started out by a good head whacking with a bit of dizzy ness. Eight to ten percent THCV is very strong. The hit was quick but euphoria is mild. Felt like my heart was beating faster but I was not hyperactive. This phase lasted for about two hours.

Then, there was no hunger and no thirst. Novarine was not quite an appetite suppressor. It stops hunger but you can eat just fine. I smoked before lunch. Normally if lunch comes late, I would have hunger fit. My hands would be shaking and my mouth drooling. But with Novarine, I did not feel it. Nor did I get the cannabis thirst or parched mouth. And after smoking Novarine for two hours, I still was not hungry. By midafternoon, I thought that I better eat. Then, I enjoyed my lunch just fine. No loss of healthy appetite. So, Novarine does not help with gluttony. If you want to enjoy food and sweet, it won’t stop you.

Another wier part is that Novarine did not lift my mood. There was no giggling, no craziness. And I know where I was and what I was doing. Time passed by normally. And I was focused. I was doing things and conscious on how I was doing them. I mechanically followed routines and was not bored. I was all business. And Novarine did not make me more sociable.

Novarine also causes mild obsession. Once I started to do one thing, it was hard to switch doing one things and move to another task. Would be good for people with attention deficit issue. In this aspect, Novarine gives focus but not chilling out.

I think Novarine would be good for repetitive Hufflepuff task or burn session the thread mill. I can just keep going at one same pace for a very long time. And it would be great for aggressive sports like boxing and football. Novarine is the weed to ignore hunger and pain.

After the third hour, I transitioned to the second phase of the high. Mild euphoria crept in. I was finally in a good mood and chilling out. Only then, I became more friendly and started to smile. Total high lasted more than 5 hours. And much later in the evening, I was able to sleep well.

A friend with weight issued decarbed Novarine with 150 C temperature. And she infused Novarine with coconut oil. She takes about 15 drops of 10% concentration oil before her big meal. And she is ecstatic about losing her stubborn weight. She is a real fan.

With weak euphoria, Novarine is not a good recreational weed. And I got mild high, and it was not clear headed sort of high.

Investigating Novarine other supposed other effects, there are; reduciton of anxiety, lowering of blood sugar, anti-Alzheimer, and promoting bone growth.

Well, I am not willing to break bones to prove that part.

Sinc It did not lift my mood, I tried Novarine with crazy paranoid inducing Sativa. I blend a quarter of Novarine weed with three quarter Zamaldelica. Zamaldelica is a head scrabling strong Sativa with way up high including temporal anomaly zone out warp. I meant to have 2% THCV in the smoke mix. This would be higher than other “high-THCV” strain that I had.

The resuting effect was great. I got good high without being over hyper, all positive vibe without the nagging feeling. The hit quick and strong. I smoked this blend in the evening and went to bed happy.

On the other hand, with the blend, I got thirsty with cotton mouth.

For the sake of thoroughness, I blended Novarine with Indica dominant White Critical. This usually comes slow with couch lock stone effect. Blended THCV let the high started quicker. I was active for the first two hours. High was less and it was not a good thing. Then later, the knockout came hard and I slept well. I don’t see any benefit from blending Novarine with Indica.
2 months ago
Med_in_Tropic GrandMaster
CannaBoom CBD+
Growing it
Big plant taste was nice and sweet with citrus aroma. The smell was similar to Sour Diesel family. On the other hand, runt plant was musky medicinal eucalyptus.

Main plant taste was also smoother than the runt plant and was without the high.

Buds look similar but the effects from the two plants were different. Both got me fairly high. I seriously doubt that this is 0.3% legal THC. CBD ratio was high enough to get the job done. To be clear, I am not complaining. I smoke to get high. And I like different kind of high for different situations.

I smoked about 1 and half gram of joint to test the effect.

Effect from the runt plant was Indica wave of happiness. Effect from the main plant was balanced 50/50 Sativa/Indica. Then CBD effect stepped in. The effect was initially Sativa head high. It wasn’t weak. Then follows by mild Indica chill out. An hour and a half in, CBD would cleared me for bed fully functioning. The later stoney effect was just nice and was not overbearing.

Lighter dose around half a gram would be enough to get a good vibe. I have high tolerance and overdosed to see the effect. Don’t smoke 1.5 grams at a go. This is potent stuff even with CBD.

I like the effect of both plant but I much prefer the citrus phenotype. If I want to get stone, I don’t need CBD plants. I have plenty of Indica to do that with better taste and aroma.

For CBD use, Cannaboom CBD+ is my favorite at the moment. Much better than hempy CBD type.

I think the main drawback is variation in taste and effect between phenotypes.

Otherwise, Cannaboom CBD+ was easy to grow. Not so big. I like the sweet and citrus taste. The high was manageable.

For health benefits, Cannaboom CBD+ is excellent. I baked the flowers and shall use it for tea. It is much potent to cook with.
7 months ago

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Gmo cookies is one tough strain. She's only ever reacted to a slight overwatering. Taken everything else like a champ. Great first strain for me. I'll keep growing.!


Just wanted to drop in and check on your grows. Thank you so much for the advice on defoliating my autos. I have nothing past to judge by, but as best I can tell they are doing awesome, have been flowering about a week and beautiful flowers everywhere!


Just want to say thanks for looking in on my girls every week. I’ll try to do the same:+1:


Awesome stuff, gonna spend some time reading along here :nerd_face::joy: Starting off with the strawberry amnesia!! Feel free to follow my Ozzy Outdoor grow, would appreciate an outdoor master's opinion :+1: All the best with future grows!!