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Royal Queen Seeds

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Royal Gorilla by RQS w/ BioBizz soil&nut
14 weeks
Royal Gorilla by RQS w/ BioBizz soil&nutPabloTheGrower
Royal Queen Seeds - Royal Gorilla
10 months ago · 2 comments
Strawberry Cola Auto by Exotic Seed
13 weeks
Strawberry Cola Auto by Exotic SeedPabloTheGrower
Exotic Seed - Strawberry Cola Auto
2 months ago · 22 comments
Cookies Gelato by RQS DWC
12 weeks
Cookies Gelato by RQS DWCPabloTheGrower
+1 strain
a year ago · 11 comments
Fat Banana Auto by ROYAL QUEEN SEEDS
13 weeks
Fat Banana Auto by ROYAL QUEEN SEEDS PabloTheGrower
Royal Queen Seeds - Fat Banana Automatic
2 months ago · 33 comments

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Fat Banana Automatic
Growing it
It's done...another one chopped. What a challenge this one. If you follow my grows, you know I love Royal Queen Seeds. I consistently have the best result with RQS strains, plus their services are always great. That being said I had much expectation for this Strain. What can I say... for the good point, it smells very sweet, fruity and yields giant long cola, fuuuulll of flower, very sticky and faty faty. . So densily packed that comes with some issues. First its always demanding for more K, a lot of top leaves yellowing that was hard to control. A long flower period for an auto and it suffered a lot with bud rot ( white mold, not the black one) It was a first to me. Tried everything from cutting parts to h202 direct on top of the damaged areas but with no success. That being said I've lost a lot of flower because of it and had to cut at least a week sooner than I wanted.. I will face this challenge again in a near future. The plant without the root ball weighed 1.2kg. It's drying know, so let's wait to see what we got... Overall one of the most productive plants I've tried, as one of the biggest buds I've seen in these colas. Thank you James and RQS for all the support. You guys are great and a major contribution for the cannabis world.
2 months ago
Strawberry Cola Auto
Growing it
What a great strain...definitely surprised me positively. Thank you Exotic Seeds for the opportunity to work with you trying this awsome plant. It has a steady growth, kinda short and bushy like a lot of plants with strong indica traits Very dense buds, big ones, fat and resinous. With a LOT of productions all-over the plant. So much thricome production it sparkles white. Cuted it yesterday (17/12/2023) altough in my opinion it could have maturee for 1 more week. Altough because of the huge problem I had to do it now This grow tent (specially the other plant growing side by side) had a mold issue, bud rot spreading fast. I must have lost about 5 65 grams of wet flower total on the Fat Banana. When I cuted it 🍓 Strawberry Cola weighted 859 grams without the root ball. it has a lot of defoliation done alredy but I'll trim it 100% when dry. This is it, thank you all of you growmies for watching this grow. See u guys on the next one.
2 months ago
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