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Humboldt Seeds

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ZalySk Apprentice
Green Crack
Growing it
And that's all she wrote for the green crack. For a total of 70 days flower time, it hit 80 grams all trimmed up. The trim kind of sucked as it was a kind of leafy bud from this plant. The nugs were still nice and big and dense though.
2 weeks ago
ZalySk Apprentice
Critical Super Silver Haze
Growing it
This started off a set of twins, 2 plants from one seed. The smaller one flowered the exact same as the bigger one, but was slower. This one was vigourous and quickly grew into any pot she was in. Her roots at the end were thick and had a nice tap root.

Plant smelled a bit funky. Not sure how to describe it fresh but it was pungent. Maybe meaty with a hint of berries or mint.

Took down after 67 days of flowering. She showed some real nice colours as she got hit with some 55 degree nights. In person the bigger nugs are all purple and the newer growth and under growth is green. It's a nice contrast. With some bugs being both dark purple and light green.

Trimmed up I got a bunch of nice, even nugs and a few bigger ones off the colas that weren't trained as hard. Smoke is so incredibly smooth. Probably some of the best weed I've grown in this apartment.

She was in my soil mix that I make myself, lots of different rock powders. Lots of calcium, but not too much or you'll get iron lockout. Only thing organic is the crab meal, a dash of happy frog and a little bit of work castings. Probably 3/5 mix 1/5 organics 1/5 rock dusts.
3 weeks ago
ZalySk Apprentice
Great White Shark
Growing it
Second time I've grown this and it's finished very fast both times. Kind of wish I saved a clone to put outdoors this year.

It was supposed to be a mother producing clones but I ended up putting it into flower anyway. It was a little root bound as seen by the fact that it was yellow the whole flower but it's fine because this plant never really faded in any of my other runs either so I know it didn't need those nutes. Very easy fast plant, dense growth.

Finished in 60 days, was about 5 to 10% amber at harvest.

Ended up with 85g of nice bud, some extra popcorn bud and trim to go into butter.

The monster crop was detrimental I think, there was a lot of branching as you can see in some of the pics, which led to a lot of buds not getting light and a lot of side popcorny nugs. Even though I aggressively pruned it every two weeks, the density was it's overall downfall. The tops are nice, but underneath is quite airy. After growing this plant with a few different pruning methods, I think a sea of green would be the best for this strain, lots of cuts, vegged for a short time.
1 month ago

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