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Las plantas han enraizado toda la maceta muy bien
Muy bueno para el inicio
Great products! They worked very well, AlgaC and Bi-Bloombastic are superlatives!
No puedo decir nada porque las semillas no le han dado pie a actuar
This is a great root stimulator, always used it and never had any trouble.
I noticed after the harvest when I removed the root from the ground that it had not developed as far as it could. I expected it to come all the way to the walls of the pot. But it is not. I don't know if the fertilizer didn't do its job or I didn't water it properly. Mostly in that field I have to work on my next grow.
Honestly, I bought ATAMI root because there was no root-juice at the store where I bought the equipment and fertilizers, so I was recommended by ATAMI. But I'm pleased with how he did the task.