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Stuff seems okay, it's the only line I've used up until recently. Rare Dankness has a line I've been using on a single plant for a grow and it seems to be doing great, so I may have to give it a go for a run.
Go lite don’t use recommend dose:+1:
I've used Aurora's Roots Organics line as my main nutrient source (and soil) since I've started growing and they have been incredible. The nutrients last if used correctly and my grows have been super consistent with them.
I have since the end of this run purchased the entire line up from Aurora Innovations. the roots organics dry line will be what im using for the next few grows. until i run out of all of these 3LB bags... and thats going to take a bit. Huge fan. and would recommend and have been doing just that
Absolutely amazing. Top fed once a week and never had any deficiencies. I will stick with this line when using soil for the medium.