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I'm really impressed by these. love the ease of application for both. The ingredients on the terp teas are great for the money
i fell in love with these nutrients. i found them in a magazine and went on their website and ordered a sample pack. ever since then ive been sold. they help out my grow so much. you can see the difference. good quality organic dry amendments
these products are amazing. definitely see the results and if your not careful you will burn them. the elemental (cal-mag) worked wonders. fixed my calcium def. and didnt have an issue with it again the rest of the grow. i will continue using these as long as i use soil.
Just started using these and so far I love them all. I'm sold.
Hey Aurora....send me nutes, this stuff is great. Will be using less bloom booster in the future.
Love the nutrients, think I might teeter off the Bloom Booster towards the end, not seeing gains and think its causing more problems than good.
Love the nutrients, simple, easy, effective.
The Uprising really came through and will be feeding more with the Uprising.