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Excellent results with any of their nutrients always.
Should've started using this sooner.. buds were ultimately smaller than I expected in a 2 gallon pot
It's all I really ever grow with does great! Easy to use. Amazing results.
Keeps the microbes happy and healthy
Grows high quality organic cannabis
High quality organic nutrients for the terps :facepunch::grin::dash:
The results here speek for themselves. Consistent aromatic and flavorful flowers with a clean smooth smoke
Looking to make your soil, peat, or coco alive? Look no further than Roots Organic
Top tier Organic amendments :facepunch::grin::dash:
Top dogs for Organic fertilizer in the West Coast
Highly recommend to the Organic gardener looking to make there soil explode with micro organic life.
Fantastic dry amendments that make your soil explode with life
Very high quality organic amendments that come from sustainable sources
High quality organic sustainably sourced ingredients that never disappoints
Beastly organic amendments that make your soil come alive coming from sustainable sources