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Stuff seems okay, it's the only line I've used up until recently. Rare Dankness has a line I've been using on a single plant for a grow and it seems to be doing great, so I may have to give it a go for a run.
Very impressed. Just wished it mixed better. The EC and TDS seem to be very high
Nice products that don't burn in heavy doses. They don't mix as well but are nice nonetheless. Highly recommend
I've used Aurora's Roots Organics line as my main nutrient source (and soil) since I've started growing and they have been incredible. The nutrients last if used correctly and my grows have been super consistent with them.
Nice products. Just wised they mixed a little easier
I waiting to late to really user this to give a solid review. Only got to use it 1 feeding as they were going into flower. This next grow I'll have a better answer.
Love these products staple in my grow room.
Not bad! I’ll have to keep using these products to give a better more thorough review!
The Uprising really came through and will be feeding more with the Uprising.
Terp Tea from Aurora worked so damn well and fits into my style of growing almost too perfectly. I doubt I’ll ever go back to not using it at this point. They have a 4 part line now that I will be using in 2020