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Done the job :muscle::muscle::muscle:
Done the job but will be looking togo more down the fully organic root shortly :+1:
A great run with Bio Green :muscle:
Yeah quite happy with the result for my first ever run will defo use this organic range for another run or two maybe add a booster or something next time
The nutrients are of good quality, only they must be administered in time for an optimal result.
De voeding is mij niet tegen gevallen, al is het wel wennen aan de verhoudingen, ik had de hele tijd het gevoel dat ik te weinig gaf, is/was misschien ook zo maar dat weet ik dus niet omdat je niet van EC of pH mag/kunt uitgaan. of ik het nog eens ga gebruiken? die vraag moet ik onbeantwoord laten, dat weet ik nog niet, ik heb een andere voedingslijn lopen dus ga eerst kijken hoe dat bevalt :grin::+1:
Slowly cutting biogreen out. Switching to canna for a while. Would be sweet to test out a new line when I unveil the new room.
Great line. I will be sticking with them for at least another grow. After this I'll probably switch to Canna.
I will continue to use this line and improve my growing skills and knowledge. I still need to perfect the ratios but it's a great line and barely no salt build up throughout.
I dont gavs anything to compare with but I'm pretty happy with the BioGreen line and going to use them in my next diaries. Plus points for me are ease of use and almost no salt build up. Negatives would be in my opinion the A+B doesnt have enough Nitrogen. I had to supplement it early in this grow and I'm suffering quite a lot in my current grow. Once you know what to expect then it's a simple fix.