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Bio Green is a nutrition company based in Netherlands. It has been providing the premium quality bio-organics products since 1985.

The Bio Green collection contains the all necessary products for any stage and need. The wide range of nutrients, stimulators, supplements, regulators and substrates makes growing easy for any user and suits for any growing method.




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Slowly cutting biogreen out. Switching to canna for a while. Would be sweet to test out a new line when I unveil the new room.
2 months ago
Great line. I will be sticking with them for at least another grow. After this I'll probably switch to Canna.
5 months ago
I will continue to use this line and improve my growing skills and knowledge. I still need to perfect the ratios but it's a great line and barely no salt build up throughout.
5 months ago
I dont gavs anything to compare with but I'm pretty happy with the BioGreen line and going to use them in my next diaries. Plus points for me are ease of use and almost no salt build up. Negatives would be in my opinion the A+B doesnt have enough Nitrogen. I had to supplement it early in this grow and I'm suffering quite a lot in my current grow. Once you know what to expect then it's a simple fix.
8 months ago
sepito87 Newbie
good boost,recomended
9 months ago

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