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What can i say, top nutrients for your autos! Seems like Bio Nova really have cracked the code of simplicity, in this case - less is more! It is clean to use Super cost effective The plats just loves it! Have a look at our next grow with 420Fastbuds, we will use the whole nutrient lineup......cant wait to see the results! =)
BEST NUTRIENTS FOR AUTOS!!! :fist::sunglasses: * Clean * Fast absorption * Super cost efficient
Fertilizzante molto interessante e efficace
This fertilizer is so powerful and the terps comes very good out
This pheno was a mutant but i got 41 gr :+1:
my absolute new love in feeding! very strong and good product!!!! personality tip
I give only last weeks a little bit and it works! Monster Power!
This wake up my interesting very strong product!!! Amazing