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PK 13-14


plants really needed them and we were able to sort out deficiency problems but also ended up giving them too much at one point classic bottled nutrients
Works great. You do not have to reduce the dose as sometimes advised. This stuff is made directly for autoflowers. I even add little more PK during mid flower.
Been growing with bio nova auto flower supermix for some time now. Nice change and definitely a nice result with the super soil, although I was having difficulties with Cal/Mag, which the schedule only said to use as an extra in case! Good experience
Como siempre una pasada, sencillo con unos resultados muy buenos, con especial mención a Silution, muy bueno!!
The plant grew very well throughout the cycle. Absolutely no issues, despite higher temperatures, sometimes up to 30,5°C. The harvest sprised me for such small grow. The smoke is not much euphoric, but very relaxing and stoned. Damn after 3 days of drying inside of ventilated ten, 45% RH, 23 °C the biggest cola (15g) and one other got mold. I will water cure it for a week. Next time I will cut all the big colas into pieces for drying. The water cured cola is smokable, not harsh, but not great. The remaining cca 30g is fine, curing nicely. Nice relaxing body high. You will be little lazy. No negative effects.
Es un excelente fertilizante
Productos de mucha calidad y muy simples de utilizar. A las plantas les encanta.
PK 13-14 was awesome, no deficiencies or overfeeding, feeding schedule was on point AutoFlower-SuperMix has too much nitrogen. I've heard this from other growers when I was researching my nitrogen burn and also experienced it by myself. I used half of the recommended dose and still had a burn.
Super Happy with bionova fertilezers....nothing to Say negative about them.. The veganics line Is super, the plants would eat ton of these without getting intoxicated.
I really like the bio nova food but it's hard to tell as i have never used something else. Really like their schedule as there is not a lot of difference in a far flower or early flower. I tend to give less than advised so i can feed all plants the same which makes my life really easy
Love bio nova nutes :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: