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The BIO TABS nutrients work like a TREAT! It is sooooooo convenient and easy and saves so much time each watering. Once the tablets are mixed in, the soil only gets PURE tab-water. No need to measure ph- or EC-value, since the nutrients are self-regulating. The recommended amount is perfect for one cycle, the plants were green and healthy all the way and then started to fade at the right time! The smoke is as clean as from flushed plants!
Great products really give's the taste you want
Biotabs are EXCELLENT. They take a lot of the hassle out of the grow, rarely needing to mix up feeds and instead just using water. I did amend this grow with some additional nutes, but I think you could manage absolutely fine with just the Biotabs kit. RECOMMEND.
Good but not for Coco. With the high frequency watering needed for Coco the tabs wash away after 1 weeks. Good otherwise and would use in a soil mix. I'm fact I have already started 2 plants with these in soil.
Easy system. Can't complain. Everythinh worked suite well. Boom Boom spray is spectacular. You see plants recovery in a few jours.
Immer sehr zufriedenstellend :ok_hand:
un peu moins en quantité que chez hesi mais les plantes ont passées presque 7 semaines en godets de 0.9l et n'ont pas réellement pû profiter du biotabs comme ils auraient dû. même qualité d'herbe.