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Grow tends to burn a little easier than I’d like, but it is very easy to deal with. The others worked great as I’m less concerned with burning during flower
Botanicare's CNS17 line got my attention because it is "one part" for each stage of the plants life. With that being said, the nutrient line does not perform well for cannabis if you are just mixing in with water as recommended on the label NOR does it work following the nutrient calculator. *Side note: I have tried contacting Botanicare numerous times by email, and have NEVER received a reply from them! Just saying. I the end, because I bought a gallon of Grow, Bloom and Ripe, I calculated the individual PPMs of N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S in the individual formulas and then used a spread sheet to manipulate the amount in mL needed to hit the ppm range I was looking for in Veg and Bloom. It was a lot of work and so far I have only tested it on a DWC basil project, but, that shit is blowing up!!
Good experience. Improved the grow.
Same with this product
Noted some really nice fattening up of the pistils and colas.
This was my first time using these products, I’m new to growing so the 1 part made it very easy and fast to mix. I’m pleased with the outcome. It’s inexpensive and for my skill level I think it worked well.
I don't know what to say. I cooked my plant due to incorrect ph, so I can't blame the nutes. I will do another run with this and try again.
average - for this grow - the yield was very disappointing
Used mostly mid to late flower to limit N