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Jay Plantspeaker's Quillaja Saponaria Extract Powder 20

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An amazing wetting agent with anti-microbial properties when used within 20 Minutes
Most amazingly active wetting agent available! - Use sparingly and w/in 20 minutes to take advantage of the enzymes it produces.
Love the products and the company. High quality stuff.
Follow the BoS method, it works. First time grower that nearly killed these plants through underwatering and faults of my own and they still came out great.
I just started adding this to my watering and I really like how it helps soak the soil. I plan on keeping this in my watering schedules.
Amazing! I'm doing another Build A soil run right now using the 3.0 in AutoPot XLs! The Build A Soil organic products are stellar. The customer support is as well. I ordered bags of soil and got one incorrect bag and they had the right one shipped out in a flash.
Microbes did all the demanding work and all I did was to attempt a decent environment and water when required.
I love using Build a Soil. Although I might try something else I don’t think I will ever quit them.