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Will be buying this whole line if I don’t switch to Gaia Green organic
100% recommend the Cyco lineup. Outstanding results. I barely had to flush using this nutrients and it didn't burn my plants. I think I only had 1 deficency but it corrected itself. Definetly worth every penny and I've got enough to do two more grows with
Un ferrari en un mundo de fiat
So I was really impressed with the platinum series. Are use the whole line plus the two or three additives that don’t come in the kit. The frost production smell resin production everything is off the charts. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever used before. The only thing I would add is maybe some thing like beastie blooms and shit tune towards the end I didn’t get the density in the lower buds that I was looking for but it wasn’t major I did a progressive harvest and let them fatten up.
Again my nutes only arrived at the end of the cycle but I did use them, I noticed a differece straight away