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Ammi Haze Automatic is a heavy yielding  sativa dominant Automatic with the classic Amnesia Haze high.  The soaring sativa haze high from Amnesia is infamously known for  temporary and occasional  memory while under the effects.

Incredibly popular in the UK where  “Ammi “Haze  seems to be a widespread UK staple and as  common as the other popular UK strain ” Cheese”

Very frosty, plentiful dense buds,  Ammi haze takes on a sweet sativa aroma later in flower. Ammi Automatic does well both outdoors and indoors, indoors a light cycle of 20 hours plus in a 24 hour period will provide the best results. This line takes around 12 weeks from seed to harvest. However given a generous root space and ample light she can go longer but will reward with a higher yield.

Ammi Automatic has a THC content of 23% plus


Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly sativa
Genetics Amnesia Haze x Ruderalis
Flowering 8-9 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor

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