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Our Gigantuan Automatic is our biggest yielding auto line and is bred using a prized heavy yielding Spanish Critical clone.

She does well both outdoors and indoors and indside we would recommend a light cycle of at least 20 hours light in a 24 hour period for the best results.

Gigantuan Automatic contains Critical and ruderalis genetics. Critical came from a reworking of a classic big budded strain that was originally bred from skunk and Afghan genetics. However it was a rare sativa dominant Critical pheno that gained massive popularity locally in Spain through the rapid increase in ย Spainโ€™s Cannabis social clubs.

Very frosty buds which smell sweet with hashy tones towards the end or flower cycle. Plants are ready in around 12 weeks from seed although given a generous root space and ample light she can go longer. ย Her THC percentage is over 22%.


Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Critical x Ruderalis
Harvest โ€”
Flowering 8-9 weeks

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