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Harvest Festival


Harvest Festival is our first outdoor specific variety. This Indica dominant strain comes from working an Outdoor Skunk x Amstel Gold line grown outdoors over several seasons.  Parent lines were selected based on yields. outdoor performance, mould/pest resistance and also finishing times.

Plants do well in outdoor set ups and are well suited to guerrilla style growing.  Plants are typically finished outside around mid October in Europe. Additionally Her tough outdoor genetics can also be grown indoors where she typically finishes in 8-9 weeks flowering.

Plants  started in spring can, if given plenty of room and grow space can get very large. A tough, robust species  well suited to outdoor grow environments. Dense, frosty buds with sweet and also spicy, hashy smells and flavours with good outdoor bud structure.

Our number one photo period strain choice we would recommend for growing under natural sunlight outdoors.

Harvest Festival has a THC content of 22% +




Gender Feminised
Genes Indica Dominant
Genetics Outdoor Skunk x Amstel Gold
Harvest High
Flowering 8-9 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor

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