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Mellow AK is a fast sativa dominant hybrid known for her uplifting and mellow high. She’s often used to help with conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Ak47 was so named because of the strains ability to effect fast after just one hit like the Russian AK47 rifle. Although with a euphoric and mellow soothing high  she can be used much more peacefully then her name sake.

Mellow AK was bred from an extensive parent selection process. Although Sativa dominant there is still a good amount of indica present making this strain a good choice for beginners. She can be ready in just 9 weeks flower , which is good for a sativa dominant hybrid. Yields are well above average and she’ll both surprise and reward the grower well. She can smell quite strong towards the later stages of bloom and a good filter is advised.  She can give scents of overripe fruit mixed with more earthy smells too.

THC levels are well over 22% and the buds will finish  dense with a generous dusting of trichomes.




Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly sativa
Genetics AK47 X Special AK
Flowering 9-10 weeks

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